As part of the WOLFF & MÜLLER Group, we at WOLFF & MÜLLER Quarzsande GmbH operate based on the Gottlob Müller principle of sustainability, which originated with the company’s founder Gottlob Müller. Over 80 years ago, he recognised that responsible action and higher efficiency go hand in hand.


Protect the environment and conserve resources

Our life would look quite different without silica sand and gravel as well as gravel and sand. Every individual consumes several hundred tonnes of industrial minerals in their life, such as for their house, car and computer. Many sectors of industry could not manufacture their products without our raw material.

The extraction of mineral raw materials interferes with nature, so it is our responsibility to use these resources sparingly. Our aim is to keep any interference with nature to a minimum. We take specific measures to promote the rehabilitation of areas even during the mining of the deposits. After extracting the raw materials, the previously utilised areas are returned to the public with a higher ecological value.

WOLFF & MÜLLER Quarzsande GmbH has been a supporter of the Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation for Nature and the Environment for many years and has received an environmental award for its work.


Modern processing technology

The use of modern processing technology allows the company to minimise expenses and protect the environment with a lower specific energy consumption.

The processing plants are continuously upgraded to the state-of-the-art based on this principle and innovative technologies are used when new investments are made. For example, the use of a cutting-edge water treatment plant at the Quedlinburg plant enabled the planned quantity of water for processing silica sand to be considerably reduced. This not only promotes the better use of our water resources, but also saves energy, which is required to transport the water.

WOLFF & MÜLLER Quarzsande GmbH has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) since 2014 and continues to implement all the necessary measures.


The Gottlob Müller principle of sustainability is based on an integrated sustainability strategy in order to fully meet our responsibility as a family-owned company – in the products and services for our customers, in the work environment, in relation to the environment and resources as well as towards society as a whole.