Our silica sand is used for sanding equestrian facilities, backfilling artificial turf and as children’s play sand. Children come into contact with silica sand early on in their lives. They love exploring all the design possibilities of this raw material. Play sands (in line with DIN EN 1177) and fall-protection sand/gravel are controlled in accordance with DIN EN 1177 and DIN EN 1176.

Artificial lawn is becoming increasingly popular in the construction of sports facilities, for football and hockey fields. Today’s synthetic turf surfaces guarantee a high level of playing comfort and are also cost-effective. To backfill the pile layer, we provide a high-quality artificial turf sand certified in accordance with DIN spec 18035-7.

The fine grain of our silica sand provides outstanding tread comfort for horses and is ideal for the construction of tread layers for horse riding tracks and paddocks. Many sports are unthinkable without sand. Beach volleyball and beach football in particular are enjoying increased popularity.

Our sand from the Quedlinburg plant has been certified at the best possible level DVV1 by the German Volleyball Association.

Our aquarium and terrarium sands are high-quality products that have been specifically produced for fishkeeping. They are washed multiple times, the dust is removed, and they are fire-dried, so they are free of organic components, water-neutral and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Fish cannot injure themselves on the rounded silica sand and quartz gravel when they are feeding on the bottom. Additional applications: aquarium and terrarium sand


  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Artificial turf
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Beach volleyball and football
  • Golf courses
  • Aquariums
  • Terrariums

Silica sand for sport