Our goal is to consistently produce high-quality products, which is also reflected in long-term customer relationships.
The following contains a brief extract from our list of references:

  • Foundry industry:
    Fritz Winter, Nemak, neue HalbergGuss, Harz Guss Zorge GmbH
  • Building chemistry:
    Sto, PCI, Sakret, Amiantit Germany GmbH
  • Water treatment:
    Waterworks: Staßfurt, Beelitzhof, Wienrode, Ordenswald Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Ludwigshafen, Tegel, Seewasserwerk Zürick, domestic and international pool filter systems
  • Building industry and materials:
    Car parks: Weimar, Lübeck, Erlangen, Allianz Arena München, Messe Stuttgart, Inselhalle Lindau BV ABS Berlin-Dresden (Hohenleipisch-Walddrehna)
  • Transport and track sand:
    DB, Hallesche Verkehrsbetriebe, Cottbusverkehr, various private railways
  • Sport, recreation and leisure:
    Sports facilities: Augsburg, Lienen, Hamburg Bergstedt, Schenefeld, Kalletal, Rue-Francis-Perrin