The raw materials from our deposits are predominantly extracted in wet mining. In some cases, this wet mining is preceded by a dry cut. Extraction occurs using suction dredges, floating grab dredgers or a hydraulic chain excavator in dry cutting.


Processing silica sands

At the Haida and Quedlinburg plants, extraction and wet processing are followed by other intensive treatment processes in order to process the industrial mineral (silica) until it reaches a chemical purity of over 99.7% (in Quedlinburg).

In Haida, after further wet processing, the silica sands are dried in fluid-bed driers until they reach a residual moisture of less than 0.1%.
High-precision classifying technologies allow us to specifically produce the customised silica sands from the separated grain fractions, as required for the customer’s application.

The resulting silica sand components are temporarily stored in silos and are then mixed together to create your product. Thousands of Big Bags are filled at this plant every year, while all loose products are loaded onto trucks for direct delivery.

At the Quedlinburg plant, hydraulic chain excavators are used for extraction. The raw material is then loaded in the feed hopper by wheel loaders, from where it is transported for wet processing via the conveyor belt systems.

The Quedlinburg plant uses the sand washer technology to produce an even better and purer product, where the fine and coarse particles are separated in multiple washing stages and the silica sand is attrited and pre-classified.

The silica sand is temporarily stored and drained in silos before it is delivered to drying plants I and II (truck and conveyor belt system).
Powerful and efficient systems are used for loading.

The Quedlinburg plant commenced wet processing in 2017 in order to achieve even higher product qualities.



Our modern packaging plant lets us pack dry sand in Big Bags of up to 1.0 t as well as in 25 kg PE and paper valve sacks.

Our Silica Sand Shop has been online since 2016 and delivers to customers across the country – an additional service for our small and direct customers.