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We strive to deliver information and products in an accurate and timely manner. We work to accomplish this goal through continued quality improvement in our people, processes and information system.

Shipment and management of product direct to customers also available through one of our logistics partners / with free delivery to the point of use

  • Supply of silica sand (wet and dry) in bulk form (silo trucks) including filling
  • For cargo securing we use euro pallets or disposable pallets with shrink hoods
  • Delivery of fine and coarse aggregates by truck, dump truck, trailer, 3 and 4 axles, etc.
  • At the plant in Hagenbach products can be loaded onto railway cars
  • Delivery is reliable and on time
  • Individual customer labeling of packaging is possible
  • Flexible production and bagging performance for short-term demand
  • Delivery of silica sand in different package sizes (big bags, 25kg, plastic or paper valve sack each 25kg) with and without unloading
  • Quality management, certification, internal and external monitoring of aggregates and soils

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